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- NES ROM, playable on a variety of platforms via emulation

Spacegulls is a short platformer for the NES.  It is best described as a combination of Joust and Mega Man.  1-2 players

Now available as a ROM file.

The first version of Spacegulls was made in 1 week and won 1st place in the NESdev Compo 2020/21. For the itch.io release, we decided to work some more on it (fixed bugs, new music, slightly more content). We invite you to check the other games from NESdev Compo 2020/21.

Trouble in the neighborhood! Dr. Beak from OVO (The Odious Villains  Organization) is researching the secret of eternal life, digging everywhere with the  help of his cyborg bird army to collect legendary fossil eggs. Time to spread your wings, put an end to his evil plans and save your chicks!


✜ Move
Ⓐ Jump / fly

Download & installation

Download the ROM and run it in an NES emulator such as Nestopia or Mesen

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Morphcat Games

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Code and audio: @miau6502
Graphics and level design: @NicolasBetoux

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorMorphcat Games
Tags2D, Homebrew, Multiplayer, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES ROM
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Joystick
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksTwitter, Homepage, YouTube


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Spacegulls-1.1.nes 64 kB


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the TAS

I downloaded it and forgot about it and just now found it again and played through it. It's fabulous! A really creative flair that is seen in few exceptions out of all the original NES games, I think. Controls and graphics/level design are really good. Music, too! I'm just now seeing that it's two players? My friend will love this (as a big Megaman fan). Nice work!

Currently playing this on my retro handheld. Controls are great and the game is really fun! 😊

how do you get an nes emulater please give me a link (thanks for reading this)

Google is your friend. It is best to not share that information on Itch. 

Great game, could use some more levels and bosses. would love to have this game on cartridge.


This is a great game, I love the fact that it's almost, Joust the Platformer! :D Thing is, do the save pads actually save the game? It's because each time I go back to the game I start from the beginning again.


I promoted the game on my site.


Really neat! Looks and feels just like a commercial game from back in the day on the NES!

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Just finished this little gem! It plays beautifully on a retro handheld console, such as the Miyoo Mini. I just a little sad I didn't rescue all the astronauts ...

Um... hello when i try to down load it, it just gives me a bunch a letters on a note pad that i can't do anything with. (please repliy morf cat games.)


you have to open the .nes file in an emulator, an NES emulator

Deleted 337 days ago

very nice game! great graphics, very good music and good gameplay!!

A very very great game !

I played it on my NES with a Powerpak and it worked perfectly. The two player mode is so great !

A sequel would be great !

This has been permanently added to the rotation of "games I make my friends play with me when they come over". 2P is phenomenal

Can I play on SNES ROM


Yes you can play every nes game on snes classic edition. i dont know how it works for emulators


Great game I played it on my Polyend tracker

Loved this game! Cool mechanics, excellent level design and the cutest gulls on the NES! 

This was so good! Really enjoyed playing through it. Are there any plans to expand this into a longer game? I'd pay cash money for that :)! It was that good.

This game is excellent, its design lovely, and its mechanics smart, but I'm afraid I found a pretty nasty bug in the very last screen of the game. If you jump somewhere on the upper left,  you slip away from the chamber of the final boss, and you can't enter again, and if you jump away the game blacks out.

just tested this game and just love it. I want it on a cart to play on my original system. Anyway to make it to mapper30 so i can make a cart of it using my ”NESmaker” pcbs? Is it possible to convert?

Great game!!! 

Oh I love it, its soo cute :D

Cute and fun game :)

Loved it!



I tested it on an eager human specimen with native hardware this morning. The results were satisfying. We'll try 2 player next time.

Very fun, makes a Full Version for the Nintendo Switch ...

Would it be possible to add P3 / P4 to this using an NES 4-Score? It seems like it would be an awsome party game if so! I know some games like Ice Climber, Baloon Fight, Battle City, etc already have P3 / P4 hacks, but I figured I'd ask if the creators would consider doing something!

As always you guys deliver a high quality game for an old system. I'm really glad you put your energy and time into games like this. Thanks for your work!

Awesome game. I love pixelart and game mechanics. So refreshing. Keep up the good work!

Great game! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Very fun game. I love the inspirations.

Thanks a lot for this great game 

Very impressive. I've been following you since the bat puncher demo release. Thank you for these gems.

Hey I was wondering if there is any official box art for this game, would love to use it for my nes classic!

I cropped the cover photo for my NES mini.

The best NESDev Compo 2020 game ! Love it ! 

Is there going to be a cart?


Been a huge fan since Micro Mages, cant wait to try this out!


Nice! It looks cool!