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Damn, this game is GREAT! Are there plans to make it a full release?

Thanks! Love this game so much..
A sequel would be highly appreciated!

I loved your game.

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Love this game and the cool jetpack secret. Please complete it!

Should I come to Berlin with some Sushi and Pizza ? Dudes, finish this pearl, kickstarter it. You guys are NES genius... 4 games, 4 pearls.

Super Bat Puncher is a very nice platform and shoot'em up game. It is actually a rare game that you will enjoy more when the game is played with two people. On its own, it doesn't give much chance to progress.

Really cool game! Perhaps one of the best nes games on right now!

It is featured in my Top 5 of the Week. Check my video!

This game is multiplayer?


Yes, it's a 1-2players game :)


Amazing game. Morphcat is a great developer.


I can't get the birdie cuz my legs are too smol!!! i cant jump high enough TmT


That is so great ! Thanks for the physical release on Famicom cartridge *_*


ive waited so long for this


wooa!! This is a great game, well done, it needs full version.


Will a full version be coming in the future? :)


Any news about full version?


YESSSS! I found this via some other online source a couple of years ago, but I am happy for the opportunity to toss you guys a few bucks in the hope that you'll finally expand this into a full game. :D