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Really a great game

Here is my tribute to your brilliant game...


Doesn't work on Everdrive, unknown ROM format. Shame :(


It 100% works on Everdrive N8 and Everdrive N8 pro. If it's not working, then it's user error.

Is there any difference between the NES and PC versions? Or is it a direct port/emulator?


PC version is just an emulator.


Were is the Nes Download? Free?


Please buy it. You won't be sorry. It's worth every penny. You can have it on PC and play on NES.


im not in pc 

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If you need the NES ROM, it's included with the PC version on for $10.

That's not much to pay if you really want the game. I expect someone will eventually put an illegal (free) copy out there but I suggest you just buy the PC version to get a legal copy of the game. It's worth every penny.

This game is awesome! I love the pixel style and most, that there is a rom. Thanks for this gem! :)


Hi Morphcat games ! is there a demo file to play and publish your game ? Of course if you wish.


A very well done game. Super fun, super addicting, well worth the money. 


Playing this on the NES core of the amazing MiSTer FPGA platform.  It only takes a few notes of the title music to draw the whole family in for 4 player co-op fun.  The documentary video was so well explained and nothing short of inspirational for our kids.

Same here. It ROCKS


Thanks so much for contributing Micro Mages to the bundle for racial justice and equality! I've been having fun playing and reviewing games from the bundle, and this one was a gem. Really enjoyed the behind the scenes video too! 40KB is nothing. 

In case you're interested in my review, here it is:

...but can it run on the Raspberry Pi 4?...


I have RetroPie set up on my RP4. It was able to run Micro Mages perfectly on the first try.


If it can't I'd be concerned about what is going on with the installation you have set up.

Wow, I just love your stuff guys! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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For me, this is a great game. Love those games who have nostalgia blasted on our faces.


this game  i remember  was free and i had it but now after i  reinstalled windows i cant get it now because its for moni :(


I'd like to buy the game for 10 bucks and then later have the option of buying the cartridge... with a 10 bucks discount.

I've searched a bit and it doesn't seem possible. But it would make sense.

it still costs money to produce the cart


Yes of course.

If I bought the ROM for 10$ and then the cartridge for x - 10$, I would have paid full price for the cartridge.


this is actually a good idea


Sorry for the late reply,
Why don't you take directly the physical version,  the ROM is include. You can check on the online shop of our official partner Broke Studio:


Every dollar spent on  ̶r̶e̶t̶r̶o̶  vintage games, is a dollar that can be spent on awesome indie games like this for classic consoles!

If you haven't seen it, do check out Morphcat games youtube video 'How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes'. Imagine if "AAA" game devs did this? (would love to see what you would do with more space!) *cough Micro Mages 2 ? *cough

I'm ordering both a NES, and FC physical copies to play with my nieces on my AVS. :)

I think i speak for everyone when i say... I CAN'T WAIT FOR Micro Mages 2! *nudge *nudge, *harder nudge


i would love to see it in Nintendo Switch, this is awesome

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That kind of game that’s calling you to buy a NES.

Are those animations real? Is the reactivity that good on the NES?

Very well done on many points. Gameplay, gamedesign, pixel art, music and sfx.

Each detail seems to have been set with care. To reach the gamer happiness.

Morphcat games studio bring to us here this feeling of modern mechanics ported back at the time.

Then you have this coop mode. Which looks to be a lot of fun according to YT videos.

You could also find on the web some speed runs that’s showing how good this game can catch you.

For sure Micro Mages is more than a 40KB NES game challenge.


Oh my! You guys even made the cartridge version for NES! This is so great :3


Wishlisting this for when i'm not broke. It's super impressive that you were able to create a game for a console that's been discontinued for 2 decades.


This game's super well done! I ordered the physical copy of the game for my bro (since he started collecting NES games to play), so I'm playing the ROM file that came with the receipt in the meantime. I'm seriously blown away by how good this game looks considering the NES's hardware, so props to everyone who worked on this! This definitely seems like it would be much more fun in multiplayer, which I haven't tried yet, but it's totally fine in single-player.

Oh by the way Mac gang, yes you can play this. The ROM works beautifully with OpenEmu, which is built specifically for Mac computers. You're welcome in advance!


This was actually a really fun experience! It feels exactly like an NES game should, and it's really fun with friends. It might get chaotic with four friends though!

4 player can get a bit chaotic at times, but you eventually develop a flow and rhythm as a group.  Proof is going back to the start of the game and realizing just how much easier it is with everyone in sync.


Hey! I got your game in a bundle a while back. I downloaded it but realized it's on Steam :D. The download page didn't have a Steam key request. Any way you could teach me to activate it on Steam?  


you mean the racial justice bundle? I'm fairly sure that the indie developers didn't offer activation keys for steam because they were already offering their own copies for almost nothing.


Ohhhh!! Okay thanks for the info!!


Hi team, any chance to have the game on Switch ?

I don't think thats gonna happen

seems cool


Wow, that’s a great game! The art is really stunning for a NES title and you did a perfect job with the animations.

Well done!


Please try an Mac version of the game


You can just download the NES ROM and use it on an emulator on mac


Heya - look up OpenEmu, it's a Mac-specific emulator that can run all sorts of console games, including NES. Just drop the Micro Mages ROM into the thing and have fun!


Is there anyway we can get a Linux port? Or Source code so I may port it? I want to buy the game, but I want a native Linux port. :)


The rom works in emulators using RetroArch :)


Just use WINE or steamplay

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Is there any way I can pay for the source code so I can see how you did a lot of this stuff? I know there is a video but I'm really interested in what you did and want to see how they were done in assembly. Also did you write the Windows version in assembly too or C?


Probably some kind of wrapper / emulator for the NES rom?

I assume the Windows version is just bundling the ROM with a NES emulator.

Even without the source code, you can use a NES debugger/visualizer tool such as Mesen to see what’s going on in the CPU and PPU.  Great for ROM hacking too.  Read the Mesen docs for more info.


Played this on stream recently, fantastic work! It's honestly shocking how far you've pushed the NES here, and it comes together into an addictive, blast of a game, too! I'll definitely be getting more than a few screens into this one on my own time.


wow! this is awesome, make a demo version pls!!


can i purchase a free version with only the game?


You mean only the ROM? No, it all comes bundled together.


callate mogluardo


You can't install this game from inside the app, i think because you havent maked the installer or the portable version as for windows.

Is it fixed now? Can you download using the app?

You can download it by pressing the “Install” button in the Itch client, but pressing the “Launch” button just opens a folder containing the installer.

Can't download the rom zip file. Server problem.

Try again. It's working for me at the moment.


This game is so fun! Even without the super interesting optimisation and design within the limitations, the platforming feels great and it's been great to play with four friends for some hectic co-op fun. Thanks so much for making this! 

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