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Is there or is there going to be a physical release? I'd play money to get this on a real cart. I can run it via flashcart yeah, but I want a real cart! This is a gem.

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Super fun little game

what framework did you use to create a nes game? did you write it in 6502 assembly from scratch? or did you do something like.... pyNES

they used 6502 assembly which is the same as their game from 2019 "Micro Mages"

ok! :D

Seriously love this project, I'm amazed by how you can fit such good games into such small spaces, bravo! 

Would love a physical NES cart and a Windows PC version (non nes rom file).

We on that Böbl! Best indie game of the year for me. Highly addictive and ideal for speedrunning. Such a fun lil gem.


First playthrough was a lot of fun, second playthrough was a lot of fun, now I'm speedrunning it, and I don't want to stop! Great visuals, great music, amazing physics, and no RNG. I love it!

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Hi guys, i recorded a walthrough of Bobl, taking all items. Really, an incredible game!


mmmm, yes. thank you.


Really cool use of sprites to get the water looking natural. I really hope too see a full version, or maybe even a randomizer someday. I had a ton of fun playing this, but I want to know about the frogs...

Awesome game, I love it!

got stuck at one point in the beginning of the game, had to run around in circles and finally decided to  just reset the game altogether and voila! I found what I was missing. haven't made it that far into the game, yet, but I already like it.

based on my experience so far:

✔️ interesting unique game mechanics

✔️ good graphics and animation

✔️ simple & smooth movement and controls

✔️ good sound effects. I'm not a fan of 8-bit music but I'd say the game's music is good.

✔️ good level design (except maybe for the part in the early stage of the game where, if you miss the intended route to be able to progress, you'll find yourself stuck because (1) you're brought too far back for making a wrong turn and (2) too many open paths that loop around so it can be hard to find your way back into the right path again)


I got this running on my wii.  This is so cool

Awesome game! I really love the phisics and visuals. Time to put out my NES.

Will there be a native app version like Micro Mages had?

HOW, the heck this is legendary, how did u make it an rom file thing to make it an NES game!!! its too good... although i never played it, how is it like a NES game...!!! (((:

Nice :)

should this run on console (via flashcart)?

Incredibly fun & impressive game, the physics work very nicely

Very nice. Finished the game but did not get all the duckys. Got lost a few times and had to make a map.

I haven't played yet, but love those water animations :)